Klinik Psikoloji Dergisi
Cilt2, Sayı 2  Haziran 2018  (ISSN: , E-ISSN: 2602-4438)
Dilay Eldoğan, Eda Cengiz, Ezgi Erkan, Didem Kaya, Beliz Toroslu, Çağıl Ünal

NO Makale Adı
1520702596 Attachment, anxiety and fear from an interpersonal neurobiology perspective

According to interpersonal neurobiology approach, mind, brain and interpersonal relationships represent three aspects of the flow of the information and energy in a living system and it is suggested that mental health is a related concept with the integration and harmony of mind, brain and interpersonal relationships. In the other words, our relationships and brain shape our mind, our mind and brain shape our relationships and lastly, our relationships and mind shape our brain interactively. The integrative functioning among the three aspects enables the regulation of anxiety and fear; however, the unbalance among these aspects approaches the individuals towards chaos and rigidity. In the current review, it was aimed to introduce interpersonal neurobiology perspective, which has not been a widespread approach in our country yet, and explain the relationship among attachment styles, anxiety and fear regulation, which are among the main topics in clinical psychology, from interpersonal neurobiology perspective.