Klinik Psikoloji Dergisi
Cilt 1, Sayı 1  Aralık 2017  (ISSN: , E-ISSN: 2602-4438)
Merve Koçak, Ayşegül Durak Batıgün

NO Makale Adı
1505125170 Turkish adaptation of Non-Violent and Violent Offending Behavior Scale

The main purpose of the current study is to investigate the reliability and validity of the “Non-Violent and Violent Offending Behavior Scale” (NVOBS) in a non-clinical population in Turkey. Moreover, it aimed to examine the scale in terms of demographic variables, such as gender and educational level. The sample of the study consisted of 137 (55.9%) females and 108 males (44.1%), 245 participants in total. The age range was 20 and 40 years, while the mean age was 28.66 (SD = 5.70). In addition to NVOBS, Multidimensional Anger Scale (MAS) was also used for criterion-related validity. The exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses revealed a three-factor solution to be appropriate for the scale. The three factors were named as “Intimate Partner Violence” (Cronbach α = .88), “General Violence” (Cronbach α = .94) and “Nonviolent Crimes” (Cronbach α = .76). The results of confirmatory factor analysis showed that three-factor structure was valid and model fit indices indicated acceptable fit (χ2/sd = 4.39, CFI = .81, GFI = .81, RMR = .01, RMSEA = .08, ECVI = 4.91< 19.63). The reliability and validity values of the scale were satisfactory.